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Free The Tone

Free The Tone
The CU-416 has excellent sound quality, flexibility, durability and workability. This cable is very versatile and can be used for an audio cable and/or DC cables and is also perfect for wiring up the components of a wireless system. The diameter of the wire is only 4mm but it has a lot of potential for use in assembling a racksystem or pedalboard.
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  1. Free The Tone
    SLK-SL-55 Patch Cable Kit
    £82.95 £69.12
  2. Free The Tone
    SLK-L10 Patch Cable Kit
    £89.00 £74.17
  3. Free The Tone
    Angled Nickel Plug - SL-4L-NI
    £8.00 £6.67
  4. Free The Tone
    Straight Nickel Plug - SL-4S-NI
    £7.00 £5.83
  5. Free The Tone
    RED - SLC-4AL-RD Angled Plug Cap
    £4.00 £3.33
  6. Free The Tone
    PURPLE - SLC-4AL-BL Angled Plug Cap
    £4.00 £3.33
  7. Free The Tone
    BLUE - SLC-4AL-BL Angled Plug Cap
    £4.00 £3.33
  8. Free The Tone
    CU-6550STD 3m (Angled/Straight)
    £52.00 £43.33
  9. Free The Tone
    CU-6550STD 5m (Angled/Straight)
    £65.00 £54.17
  10. Free The Tone
    SLK-8S Solderless Straight Plug
    £6.95 £5.79
  11. Free The Tone
    SLK-8L Solderless Angled Plug
    £7.50 £6.25
  12. Free The Tone
    CU-416 Cable (Price per Meter)
    £5.50 £4.58
  13. Free The Tone
    SLK-S-10 Patch Cable Nickel (Straight)
    £79.00 £65.83
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13 Items

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