Customer Comments

Greeting friends,

I took receipt of a fuzz god this morning. I just wanted to say how blown away i was by this pedal - i've been looking for this kind of madness for over 2 years!!

I also wanted to say how impressed i am with the service you guys are offering. The lady i spoke to about the order made a special effort to make sure the pedal arrived in time for the weekend. You all deserve a big pat on the back. your prices are the best i have come across too.

Keep up the good work,


Hi Mark,
I Just though that I should let you know that the Red Witch Moon Phaser I brought today is out of this world. Its far subtler then I thought it would be but its difficult to find a poor sound no matter what I do.

Also, for what its worth, after seeing the range of pedals you now stock I seriously doubt if I will ever shop anywhere else. I'm just glad your based in Nottingham, 5 minutes from where I work. :-)


Hi Mark,
just a word of thanks for recomending the T-Rex Mudhoney, rarely would I try out a pedal at a gig without testing it first at home, but I did, and it is fantastic, without doubt the best tone I have acheived so far.

David Twaits

Hi Mark,
I've had the Tungsols in the amp for 7 or 8 shows and am pretty impressed with them. They lack a bit of the headroom that the Svetlanas had, but I can get round that by changing the pre tubes.  What they do have is a touch more punch through the mids, and a touch more definition overall.
Many thanks.


"The next day delivery thing you guys offer actually saved my life because i needed a new fuzz pedal for a week of gigs/rehearsal and i couldnt find another site with your low prices either! Everything came awesomely packaged and as safe as houses. I'm now ready to melt some faces with my new EH Big Muff!"



Was kinda nervous ordering and replacing my first set of valves as i didnt know what would be best for me and had to get it right first time as i've got gigs this weekend!!! Well the luvly lady got it right! knew exactly what valves i needed..... just put them in and the amp sounds great,j ust what i wanted! Excellent service...and the next day delivery was....well..the next day!!! great! i run a teachin studio in south wales and will recomend you to all of my pupils..!! thanx again!!..


What are you lot playing at?? I no sooner click on my order and switch my computer off than the completed order popped through me letter box!!!
You'll be giving inetrnet mail order a good name if you're not careful!!!...
Cheers and well done chaps :o)))))))

Warwick Mason

Dear Hotrox, Thankyou for your fantastic quick and efficient service. My valves were delivered at 10.30 this morning. Just one quiery, because i am ignorant! The EL84s are marked 44 44 48 48 so is this two matched pairs or is this a matched quad. Do I need to put them into my AC30 in any particular configuration regarding this?
Again many thanks for the great service. I will be using you again in the very near future.

Alex Shipley

Dear Hotrox,
My order (ref: 1797620) arrived this morning and the EH tubes are working wonderfully. In all my long years shopping online, I've never had such a speedy delivery. Fantastic service. Will definitely use Hotrox in the future, and will highly recommend you to anyone I come into contact with.
Keep up the good work,

G Ferguson

Hi Mark, Just letting you know the pro reverb sings!! valves are great and the amp 's tone and sustain has improved beyond belief! Thanks for the advice and fast delivery.What's your thoughts on origional RCA blackplate 6L6 GC'S ,got the chance of some for about £15.00 each . not new obviously but guaranteed to be in good nick.
Thanks again...Phil

Philip Scott

The mixed tube offer valves arrived first thing this morning! Many thanks for your fantastic service, and for sorting everything out so quickly. The Substi-Tubes are a revelation, they have transformed my old Marshall plexi, and all for the better. I am now seriously considering Groove Tube 12AX7's for the pre-amp valves, I'll wait and see what the Svetlana's are like first. Again, many thanks for your friendly and helpful service, best regards,

Steven Evans

Hi Mark,
The JJ blue E34L valves arrived this morning. Can’t wait to hear them in my Mark IV. Thanks again for your service and the postage/valve upgrades. It really is appreciated. I shall certainly be using your service again and recommending it to others.
Do you have a guide as to what the matching numbers 88/11 mean on the box/valves?

Brian Morrris

Hi, I placed an order with you on Tuesday for an Electro Harmonix 16 second delay and some valves. Thanks for the speedy delivery and the pedal is frankly amazing!

Thanks for your time and again for the quick delivery, Guy Stead

Just to say thanks for all your help, I dont think I would have recieved a more helpful, friendlier service if I had walked up Denmark street with a brief case full of cash!! By far the BEST shop on the web. Keep it up, keep on rocking!

Marc Johnson
'Henky Penky Slapstick Experience'

Just thought I’d drop a line to say thanks for the speedy service I received when I ordered my Tubes. I heard of you when I went to my local Guitar shop (Stag in Trowbridge) and asked if they could get me some Tubes, the manager told me that they could but there was no point since HotRoxuk delivers practically the next day. The best thing about your company is that you know exactly what you’re talking about! I learnt a lot about amps/tubes in my conversation with Mark. I will always recommend your company.

Rob Chapman
(Lead Guitar Hooker)

Thank you very much for your help at the weekend, providing the additional equipment for the EHX kit, despite being a sunday! Your pricing and service are excellent, and I have already sent emails to all my music collegues informing them of your site and services. Keep up the great service. It is really encouraging to see businesses and musicians that still regard the values of musicians and customers. I have no doubt that you will be hearing from me (and my friends) in the near future!

Kind Regards.

Derek A. McWilliams
Project Manager


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service on my strings order of yesterday - low price and fast delivery. Brill!


David Fury


I would just like to thank you for terrific service. I placed my first order with you, early evening yesterday. I was totally amazed when it dropped through my door early this morning. I shall pass the word around to the few guitarists I know locally. Keep up the good work. I look forward to ordering from you in the future.



Hi there

I received my valves I ordered on saturday and notice a couple of errors on my address where you spelt ( filed ) which should be Fylde and the post code should be FY6 --- not ( S ).

Poulton - Le -Fylde Lancs FY6 ---

By the way the valves sound great in my Woody Exotic Pro Junior. So I think I will start revalving some of my other amps with JJ's ( I am a bit of a collector ).

Thanks Andy


I just wanted to say thanks. I've had to orders off you in the last week and both were spot-on and quick-as-a-flash (unlike usual internet businesses), so viva hot-rox!

I will be telling my mates about how good you are.

More power to your elbow! Dean Ramsay.

hi ... just wanted to say thanks for a speedy delivery of my nice new valves,
I'm sure I'll be buying off you again

Tom Livemore


Firstly I just wanted to thank you for a speedy service in delivering the Black Finger pedal I ordered from you last week. After placing the order late on the Saturday night, I was impressed with it's arrival on the Tuesday morning. I also wanted to comment on your competitive pricing, which I found quite astounding. Here's a comparision for you; the Small Stone pedal is priced at £80 in my local guitar shop, which is well established, stocked and usually quite competitive on price, whilst you stock the same pedal at £49. Therefore, your site will certainly be my first place of call, for any future enquiries regarding the Electro Harmonix range. Also, just wanted to let you know that you seem to have the text for the Small Stone attached to the Small Clone image!

Many thanks for a great service,

J. Black

Thanks for delivering it so promptly - me and my band Hinterland will now be exclusively using you for everything we can from now on. My Marshall sounds amazing too, by the way.
Do you fix tranny amps? I've got a knackered old session amp that needs to start working again.

Darren Clewes (Nottingham)

Hey, just a mail to say what a fantastic service you provide... not only great string price but fast delivery.... best on the web... I will pass a link on to all my mates... Cheers