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Z.VEX Power Plate SMALL

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Zvex Power Plate SMALL

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Manufacturer Z.VEX
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Zvex Power Plate SMALL

Remove your original bottom plate, and put it away for safekeeping. Remove the battery from the effect and clip the battery clip from the Power Plate to the battery clip in the effect. Put some tape (electrical tape is best, but anything will do) on the connectors so they don't short against anything inside your pedal. Tuck the power supply filter and the clips into the area where the battery goes and make sure they don't cause anything to break while screwing the plate in place with the original screws. You can angle the umbilical cord in any direction to head toward your power supply. This power supply adapter works well with any type of D.C. power system, even daisy chain, because it contains its own filtering and polarity protection system.

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