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Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay WHE702

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Way Huge Echo-Puss Analog Delay

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Manufacturer Way Huge
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Echo-Puss Analog Delay WHE702

The Way Huge Echo-Puss was designed by delay expert Jeorge Tripps for players who want an organic analog delay pedal that allows them to fine-tune their delay sound with a simple user interface. It serves up 600ms of delay with a pair of gravelly-voiced bucket-brigade chips. Additionally, a fully tweakable LFO modulation circuit allows you to add a liquid texture to the sound of the repeats. This edition is graced with custom artwork from rock n’ roll artist Alan Forbes and is limited to 500 pieces.

Jeorge Tripps: The Echo-Puss is a new circuit. I designed it as part of a larger effort to create a group of delay pedals that meet the various needs of players depending on the tone they’re looking for and how much control they want over the sound of their delay signal.

We re-released the first Way Huge delay, the Aqua-Puss, without any changes because it’s a classic pedal in its own right and we knew that’s what fans of the original Way Huge line would want. It’s a simple set-it-and-forget-it design with a relatively short delay time and a bright, snappy voice. If you play rockabilly or you’re going for that ’50s rock sound, the Aqua-Puss does slapback echo like no other pedal—guys like Rev. Horton Heat love it. You can do a lot with it for how simple it is, but I felt there was further ground to cover.

That’s where the Echo-Puss comes in. It’s still easy to use, but it has more parameters for players to customize and it has twice as much delay time with two bucket-brigade chips instead of one. They’re the same low-headroom chips used in the Aqua-Puss; I like them because they break up the repeats a bit.

For further control of the delay sound, I added a tone control and a fully tweakable modulation circuit. Overall, the tone of the Echo-Puss is warmer than the Aqua-Puss, but it’s still pretty bright.

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