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Tung-Sol 5881

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Tung-Sol 5881
Tung-Sol 5881 Tung-Sol 5881 Tungsol 5881 / 6L6 - spec sheet

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Manufacturer Tung-Sol
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The Tungsol 5881 Is manufactured at The Sovtek factory In St. Petersburg, Russia. A great alternative to the military spec Sovtek 5881 used In Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifiers (re-branded by Fender / Groove Tube). The Tungsol 5881 has a smoother sound and less harsh on the top end. Certainly recommend trying these In Fender Deluxe amplifiers. Add a Jensen P12N Alnico magnet speaker and you have yourself a superior amplifier In tone and performance.
  1. Tung Sol 5881 Review by hoganmw

    These tubes are very good if you like warm sound. Amazing clean and crunch. Lead channel is smooth and warm. More vintage tone than 6L6. I like them but if you play some djent with very low tuned 7 or 8 string guitar go for JJ6L6GC. JJ are the best choice for modern metal music. I have had 5 different tube sets this year and Tung Sol 5881 and JJ6L6GC are the best choice ever. (Posted on 16/11/2012)

  2. Just love these tubes Review by Sound Eng

    These are my valve of choice for Fender amps, sweet sounding with a lovely break up. I also put them into my son's Laney 100W head to test them, and as a pro-player Tung-Sol 5881/6L6GC are now his preferred valve. (Posted on 23/07/2012)

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