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TheGigRig Generator

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TheGigRig Generator
TheGigRig Generator TheGigRig Generator UK Plug TheGigRig Generator TheGigRig Generator

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Manufacturer TheGigRig
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The Gigrig Generator

Need to power lots of effects? Different voltages? Different countries? No problem!

TheGigRig Generator is at the heart of our modular power supply solution. Using a combination of the Generator, Distributors and adapters, the system can be configured to power nearly every pedal and every voltage out there.

So what separates TheGigRig GENERATOR from every other 9V supply?

The GENERATOR delivers

* An unbelievable 5 Amps (that's 5000 milliamps!) of power which makes it the most powerful specialist guitar fx supply on the market.
* Incredibly clean 9V DC regulated studio quality power supply.
* Short circuit protection protects your precious pedals
* Self-healing fuse. That's right, it heals itself!
* Will work anywhere in the world between 110-250V. No more step up or step down transformers.
* Small, light and discrete. Will fit on any pedal board

Why do I need all that power?
There is a general misunderstanding of power supplies and the way they affect the tone of your pedals. Most guitarists think that if all their pedals use 1000 Milliamps (1 amp) of current, then a 1000 milliamp power supply will do the trick. WRONG

The general rule is that as soon as you exceed half of your power rating (in this case 500 milliamps) the supply will start to struggle to supply the Volts. The more you ask of it, the more it will struggle. A 9V 1000 milliamp power supply drawing 1000 amps can be putting out as little as 6V D.C. and in some cases even less.
Do you like the sound of your effects with a flat battery? Well that's exactly what's going on here.

All that power from the GENERATOR is important because it gives your effects the headroom that they need to operate properly. The electronics in the pedal can then function as they were designed to. The GENERATOR on your pedal board means that no matter how incredible your pedal board is, you'll never need to ask the question, 'do I have enough power?
  1. Excellent Review by Craig

    The Gigrig is one of the best ways of powering your pedal board.
    I've had multiple problems using different power leads for different sets of effects with this I can use as many effects as I like (up to 500 I think they said)
    buy the distributor alongside it as well and you've got limitless options.
    Fantastic bit of kit! (Posted on 05/06/2012)

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