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TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3, Vocal & Guitar Effects

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VoiceLive 3, Vocal & Guitar Effects
VoiceLive 3, Vocal & Guitar Effects VoiceLive 3, Vocal & Guitar Effects VoiceLive 3, Vocal & Guitar Effects

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Manufacturer TC-Helicon
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TC Electronic VoiceLive 3

Total Performance Control
VoiceLive 3 is designed to empower you and your performance, giving you easy access to presets, sounds and switching between them, while providing complete customization of switch functions and deep edit control. Use the LAYER button to change between the vocals, guitar and loop control layers. Each mode gives you instant access to layer-specific functions via the footswitches, with the LCD display showing a clear view of which footswitch controls what effect.

Guitar chords automatically guide vocal Harmony, HardTune, Synth and Vocoder effects.

Dedicated Vocal PA and Guitar Out
What makes VoiceLive 3 stand out is the dedicated stereo vocal and stereo guitar amp outputs. Send your guitar sound directly to your favorite amp, completely independent of the vocal output going to the PA.
The killer feature is that this also works if you’re looping; the stereo vocal loops go to the PA while the stereo guitar loops go separately to the amps.

Building Better Songs with Loops
VoiceLive 3’s looping allows you to experiment with real-time song creation or exciting loop jams. Arrange and re-arrange backing tracks with flexible verse-chorus-bridge switching. The LoopAssist™ function helps you make tighter loops effortlessly and auto-expands loops to allow different lengths. 45 minutes of looping time and infinite overdubs let you create entire sets of songs – and store them for instant recall.
Powerful multi-track looper with intuitive control layout and infinite overdubs.
3-phrase looping with 4 selectable layering and serial techniques help you create intricate songs and on-the-spot re-arrangements.
LoopAssist™ with multi-purpose metronome and quantize for perfectly synced loops.
Auto expansion of loop length allows you to create long loops on top of short ones, and vice versa, without having to set up timing beforehand.
Loops can be stored onboard and recalled together with presets.

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