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TAD ecc83 WA Premium Select RT008

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TAD ecc83 WA Premium Select RT008

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Manufacturer TAD
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Tube Amp Doctor ecc83 WA Premium Select RT008

The new TAD ECC83 WA Selected provides a stunning warm tone, thick midrange and sweet natural overtone harmonics. It has been designed by TAD with triple mica construction for low noise performance. Perfect for clean or moderate gain preamps as well as for high-gain amps from V2 position (for V1/Input stage the HIGHGRADE selection RT080 is recommended)
It´s great dynamics, low noise operation and balanced warm tone makes the TAD ECC83 WA to be an excellent all-rounder with great value for money.
- smooth top end
- full gain
- fat mid range
- tight low end
- very low microphony
- low noise
- balanced systems
- triple mica construction
- replaces: 12AX7, 12AX7A/WA/WB/WC, ECC83, 7025
The TAD ECC83WA Premium Selection is recommended for most applications for low microphony performance. For especially demanding input stages (V1) and for all applications demanding an extremely low microphony 7025 / ECC83 / 12AX7A type tube we recommend the RT080 TAD 7025WA HIGHGRADE.
For "normal" applications the RT008 TAD ECC83 WA Selected can be used with same sound and gain structure.

1st choice tube to improve your:
Boogie®, Brunetti®, Carrl®, Diezel®, Egnatorl®, Engl®, Fender®, Hughes & Kettner®, Koch®, Laney®, Marshall®, Mesa®, Orangel®, Soldano®, Trace Elliot®, Two Rockl®, VOX® uvm.

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