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Power-Grip Pedal Board Tape

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Power Grip Pedal Board Velcro

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Manufacturer Power-Grip
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Pedal Board Tape - Pedalboard Velcro Alternative
For the best Pedalboard Velcro Alternative, try Power-All Power-Grip. Simple, yet ingenious, Power-Grip pedal board tape mates to itself via rows of tiny mushroom-shaped posts that form a much stronger bond than traditional "hook & loop" Velcro fasteners. Just cut to size, apply, and GRIP!

Power-Grip is sold in 1 meter ( 39.37 inch ) by 1 inch rolls.

POWER-GRIP is the best Solution for securing your guitar pedals to your pedalboard (No Hype).

Watch the video above and see the comparison for yourself.


Make sure all surfaces are clean, smooth and free from dirt – use a suitable cleaner if necessary.
Cut two identically-sized strips of Power-Grip pedaltrain tape at the desired length.
Fasten one strip to the object to be mounted and the other strip to the mounting surface.
Allow at least 24 hours for the Power-Grip adhesive to set.
Press the two Power-Grip strips together and GRIP!

The Power-Grip adhesive backing will form a permanent bond over time. Once this occurs, Power-Grip pedalboard tape may damage painted surfaces or leave adhesive residue if removed.
Power-Grip adheres best to smooth surfaces such as coated metal or plastic. It will not adhere well to very rough surfaces such as unfinished wood, etc.
Godlyke Distibuting, Inc. does not guarantee that Power-Grip tape will be suitable for all applications and we do not take responsibility for loss or damage to property due to improper use or mounting of Power-Grip.

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