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Palmer TINO - Amplifier Switching System

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Palmer Tino - Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers
Palmer Tino - Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers Palmer Tino - Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers Palmer Tino - Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers Palmer Tino - Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers

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Manufacturer Palmer
Shipping Group No
Palmer Tino - Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers to 1 Cabinet with Remote Input

Ambitious guitarists often use two amplifiers in order to obtain different basic sounds. However, transport, space restrictions and the decrease in output associated with PA speakers can be very inconvenient. This is where TINO S promises to help. The switcher system allows you to use two amplifiers with only one box as an alternative. Regardless of whether you use tube amplifiers that require getting a load, or transistor models. Even a mixed combination is possible without any problems.

The switch-over between the amplifiers can be operated via a pressure switch on the device or via an optional standard foot switch or switching system. If the switch cannot be done with a switching system, a standard footswitch can be connected to the corresponding 6.3 mm jack. (Requires a switch, not push-buttons!)

TINOS routes the guitar signal to the chosen amplifier, while the second unused amplifier is turned off to prevent unwanted interference. (As if the potentiometer on the guitar was switched off). The gain from the instrument input to output is one (Unity Gain). The built-in buffer only converts the impedance, so that a high-impedance guitar becomes less prone to interference. When the guitar signal is switched, the speaker is switched simultaneously, while the speaker output from the mute amplifier is connected to a load (Dummy Load). Therefore, tube amplifiers are absolutely safe from dangerous idling.

If you connect two amplifiers with one another, a heavy buzzing sound often overlays the guitar signal. This undesirable effect is known as a ground loop and occurs between mains-operated devices because of double grounding. The TWO IN ONE prevents this from happening by decoupling the outputs to the amplifiers using high-quality isolating repeaters. A sliding switch-over between the amplifiers also ensures that the process occurs click-free and without interruption. The power supply is provided via the supplied 9V power adapter.


Switching function output switcher
Inputs - 2
Input connectors - 6.3 mm jack
Input impedance - 10 M Ohm(s)
Outputs - 1
Output connectors - 6.3 mm jack
Output impedance - 10 k Ohm(s)
Transformer isolated outputs - no
Indicators channel number
Controls channel switching, ground lift
Operating voltage - 9 V DC power supply
Current draw - 130 mA
Cabinet material - sheet steel/ aluminum
Cabinet surface - powder coated/anodized
Width - 222 mm
Depth - 175 mm
Height - 44 mm
Accessories (included) - 9 VDC power adapter
Weight - 1,6 kg

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