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Mission Engineering V-Boost (Variable Boost pedal)

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Mission Engineering V-Boost (Variable Boost pedal)
Mission Engineering V-Boost (Variable Boost pedal) Mission Engineering V-Boost (Variable Boost pedal)

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Manufacturer Mission Engineering
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Mission Engineering V-Boost (Variable Boost pedal)

he V-BOOST is a variable foot controlled boost that lets you dial in as much as you need at anytime. The V-BOOST features the well respected audiophile quality buffer from our VM-PRO professional volume pedal. In heel down position the pedal is in buffer only mode at unity gain with no boost. The always on buffer isolates the guitar pickups from the load of long cables and multiple pedals, preserving the high frequencies. The switchless boost is activated just by pushing the pedal forward. You can toggle between no boost and max boost, or smoothly dial in any amount in between.

The V-BOOST can be used at any point in your signal chain. You can use it by itself to increase the signal level into a tube amp for boosting leads or adding some extra grit. You can use it in front of other pedals such as overdrive and distortions to increase the input gain. We’ve also added Mission’s unique fuzz compatibility switch, so you can use the V-BOOST to significantly increase the drive into a vintage style fuzz pedal. The inputs and outputs are extremely flexible, so you can put the pedal almost anywhere, even in an effects loop or in front of a digital device such as a modeler to increase the gain from low output pickups.

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