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Keeley Steak and Eggs

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Keeley Steak and Eggs
Keeley Steak and Eggs Keeley Steak and Eggs

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Manufacturer Keeley
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Keeley Steak and Eggs

The first ever 2 in 1 collaboration of two essential circuits with a few delicious surprises.

The Steak & Eggs is a perfect pairing of overdrive and compression that you may never turn off.

The left side of the Steak & Eggs is JHS Pedals’ classic Morning Glory circuit with an available high-gain setting. For years we have been asked for a high gain version of the Morning Glory. We even released a limited run of 135 pedals called the State Line a few years back with a similar function, but this high gain toggle is a new take on perfecting a Morning Glory with more power, punch, and dirt at the fick of a switch. Internally the bright cut everyone is used to is still there. Have a glorious morning.


JHS Morning Glory w/High Gain Toggle
Volume – Controls the output volume.
Drive – Controls the amount of drive, or gain, just like a tube amp being cranked at high volumes. You will notice that as you turn up the drive it also adds brightness.
Tone – Controls the amount of brightness. Right is brighter, left is darker.
High Gain Toggle – Down is the standard Morning Glory, up kicks it into the high gain mode!

Keeley Electronics 3 Knob Compressor
Level – Controls the output level.
Sustain – Controls the sustain of the compression. Turning to the right results in a more compressed tone.
Blend – Blends in your original signal as you turn to the right.
Bright Toggle – Down is the stock position. When pushed up it will add brightness to your signal.

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