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Keeley Luna Overdrive Mk 2

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Keeley Luna Overdrive Mk 2

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Manufacturer Keeley
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Keeley Luna Overdrive Mk 2

The Keeley Luna II Overdrive – As always, 100% Hand Built in the USA!

The Luna has been completely redesigned as the Katana Blues Drive. Please Visit the Katana Blues Drive!

After years of modifying overdrives, we have engineered our own unique overdrive pedal! I wanted Keeley Fans to have the best possible overdrive pedal at their feet.

Two and a half years in the making, this is the sum of my ideas and thoughts on overdrive and distortion. Endless tonal possibilities are what I strive for and I think you’ll agree. Enjoy!

Sandwiched in between the two styles of overdrive is a high fidelity modified Baxandall tone control, beautifully tuned to a guitar players creative needs. The Luna Overdrive combines modern OP-Amp clipping with tube-like JFET gain stages.

The Keeley Overdrive is capable of operating as a smooth, subtle drive that gives you plenty of warming overtones that fill a room. Prefer a grittier flavor of overdrive? It does that too! Using two different drive stages and a very responsive set of tone controls, the Keeley Overdrive retains all of your guitar’s essence and adds any kind of grit or dirt you could want!

We were after an overdrive that made you want to play guitar. We wanted you to be able to get a dark tone, or a bright sound, a clean one or one very heavy and powerful. We wanted tone controls that were endlessly responsive and highly configurable. Compromise should never be part of what you hear. So we crafted a machine that shows off the rest of our gear and your music, instead of covering it up.

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