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JJ 6V6s

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Incl. Tax: £16.00 ( £13.33 ex VAT)
JJ Valve 6V6s
JJ Valve 6V6s JJ Valve 6V6s - spec

Additional Information

Manufacturer JJ
Shipping Group No
JJ Valve 6V6s Is a very robust 6V6 that has a larger bottle than the normal 6V6 type tube. The 6V6s JJ valve has a large sound stage and good headroom that most people are looking for when using amplifiers that use this type of valve.
  1. No Regrets Review by MrCon

    Bought a matched pair to replace the blown Ruby Tubes 6V6GTRs in my Egnater Tweaker. They sound very nice to me. Maybe slightly gentler in the gain stakes than the Rubys, which I quite like. I'm almost certain that they're more musical at high gain. (Posted on 07/08/2012)

  2. A rock solid tube Review by Jeff

    Used to replace stock chinese 6V6 in my VHT Special 6 combo. Huge difference. Much more authoritative, muscular tone. These JJs are close in power / headroom to 6L6s. My 6w amp puts out greater headroom than before and is now giggable. (Posted on 07/08/2012)

  3. Good tubes Review by bananafist

    Bought these as recommended for my Lindy Fralin amp by the makers, as the only 6V6s which will handle the voltage easily. Stock is 6L6s, but you can drop the output by just changing to 6V6s, cathode biased, so nothing else needed. They may find their way into an Excelsior I have on order, when it arrives!
    Good robust tubes, with a sound not too far removed from the 6L6s, which is a plus.
    Good value. (Posted on 12/05/2012)

  4. Excellent Tubes Review by George Lindsay Band

    Bought these JJ 6v6 in an effort to get more robust tube for a 57 Fender Tweed (gigging amp) that gets thrown in and out of venues on a nightly basis, I could not justify buying NOS Mullards and Phillips every month so I took HotRox recommendation and am so glad I did. these tubes are on a par with the Mullards giving a lovely creamy break up - albeit a little later on the volume knob, but thats just a bonus. I dont treat my gear with the respect it deserves and things great broken, so far these tubes have remained intact. Less that the cost of a round of drinks, happy days. (Posted on 30/04/2012)

  5. Exceptional tubes Review by George Lindsay Band

    Firstly, great advice for the guys at HotRox. Replaced the Groove Tubes (rattling) in my 5E3 clone with JJ's. The difference was mostly in the headroom as already claimed by JJ. More cleans but when it does get crunchy it is a lovely creamy bluesy overdrive, Suits the 5E3 and my Gibson 335 without the need for pedals. And at less than £30 delivered for the pair, they are worth trying - even if you dont need new tubes at the moment ! (Posted on 26/03/2012)

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