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JJ ECC83s Gold Pin

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Incl. Tax: £18.50 ( £15.42 ex VAT)
JJ valve ecc83s Gold Pin

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Manufacturer JJ
Shipping Group No
The JJ ecc83 Gold Pin, has a very warm smooth sound. They're also very low in microphonics and the double triods are very balanced. This makes the JJ ecc83 Gold a great option for the V1 position in high gain amps. A high performance tube from JJ Electronics, keeping standards high and with the extra burn in and drive testing from Hot Rox UK, these are a great Investment for musicians who demand the best.
  1. JJ Gold Pins Review by Barquentine

    Replaced all three pre-amp tubes in my Cornford Roadhouse with these. First impression was they sounded dark and lacked the cut of the original tubes. Also, they have more gain. After three gigs and adjusting the gains and EQ on my amp I'm now really liking them. Very warm and thick sounding, I used to get an occasional painful high end spike when hitting higher notes on my top string and this has disappeared completely. Lovely raunchy sound with no fear of taking the heads of the audience. VERY quiet as well.

    Once again, the friendly advice and next day delivery has been most welcome. I really like doing business with Hot Rox. (Posted on 02/01/2013)

  2. vastly underrated tubes Review by oldschool

    I decided on these valves after much research and careful consideration. I put these in a '95 USA Fender Blues DeVille. V1 and V3 positions with a regular JJ ECC83 in V2 tone stack position.
    ALL background noise disappeared to the extent that I had to double check to see if the amp was switched on!
    These tubes smooth out the full tone range. Bass end full and tight. Mids smooth (all harsh nasal sounds eliminated) Highs sweet and full (all pingy fizz gone) giving you PUNCH, WARMTH and CLARITY. I can now use the crunch channel without altering the tone controls. Gives you a smooth singing sustain when used with overdrive. Say goodbye to the 'wasp in a bottle' distortion sound!! (Posted on 06/10/2012)

  3. Warm silky valviness !!!! Review by Steve

    Wow ! Works great in the Peavey Valveking V2. Real nice overdriven glassy sound, marvellous !!!! Geat service from Hotrox, next day delivery as standard, well packed and good value for money. Thanks guys !! (Posted on 01/05/2012)

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