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JJ 30uF/500V Axial Capacitor

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JJ 30uF/500V Axial Capacitor

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Manufacturer JJ
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JJ 30uF/500V Axial Capacitor

Low Impedance with a wide frequency range for Hi-End Electronics, Consumer and Industrial.

Operating temperature: -25°C + 70°C Rated voltage: 500VDC
Rated capacitance: 20µF + 100µF
Capacitance tolerance ( at 100Hz, 20°C): -10% +30% Dissipation factor ( at 100Hz, 20°C): 0,18
Leakage current (after 5 minutes application of rated voltage): I= 0,005.C.U I - current [µA]
C - rated capacitance [µF] U - rated voltage [V]

The aluminum case capacitors are supplied with PVC sleeve insulation and a safety vent located on end-deck. Plus pole is marked on the perimeter.

Load life:
Load life is 1000 hours (at maximum operating temperature, at rated voltage and AC current load as per Table 1).
After 1000 hours of the above application of rated voltage and current load, capacitors must meet the following characteristics requirements: Capacitance change <= +/- 15% of the initial value
Tan o <= 150% of initial value
Leakage current <=initial value

AC Load:
The maximum AC load at maximum operating temperature (70°C) is given in Table 1. The AC load can be increased at lower operating temperatures by a coefficient as per Table 2, with capacitor life expectancy unaffected.

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