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Genalex Gold Lion 12AT7/ecc81

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Incl. Tax: £32.95 ( £27.46 ex VAT)
Genalex / Gold Lion 12AT7/ecc81
Genalex / Gold Lion 12AT7/ecc81 Genalex / Gold Lion 12AT7/ecc81 - spec 1 Genalex / Gold Lion 12AT7/ecc81 - spec 2

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Manufacturer Genalex
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Genalex ecc81/12AT7 is one of the rarest and most sought after valves in production today because it has excellent bass and a full detailed sound stage. This makes the Genalex 12AT7 Gold Pin a great choice for Hi-Fi and guitar amps that use the main drive (V1 position) or the phase splitter as a 12AT7 like Fender amps etc. Using the best materials and a dedicated detailed construction makes these valves a high demand and quantities are always in short supply as the quality is never compromised. Another superb valve added to the family of the supreme range of Genalex valves.

Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 tubes are considered the best 12AT7 types ever made. They are also among the rarest types available. They exhibit a large detailed soundstage that is characterized by an expressive midrange, deep tight bass, and a smooth extended high end. The reissue Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 recreates the sound signature of the original. This tube features balanced sections and gold plated pins.

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