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Fulltone Wah Pot

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Fulltone 3PDT Footswitch
Fulltone 3PDT Footswitch Fulltone 3PDT Footswitch

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Manufacturer Fulltone
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Fulltone Wah Pot

The Fulltone Wah Pot (FWP) is the same pot used in our CLYDE Standard & CLYDE Deluxe pedals, and is an exact reproduction of vintage 60's and early 70's Icar pot found in the wahs used by Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Schenker, etc.

Like the Icar, it is 100K and has a very quick transition at the mid-point, which is how they were able to get that fast tremolo-like wah heard in parts of "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" and "White Room," for example.

Looking for a "linear sweep?".... then you don't want a vintage wah or a vintage Icar style wah pot!

The Fulltone FWP has a triple-screened Carbon Composition track and strong brass shaft with gear already installed, comes with a cool vinyl dust cover, and is a direct drop in replacement for most vintage-style wah wahs including Dunlop, Teese, Vox, etc.

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