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Fulltone OCD V2

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Fulltone OCD V2

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Manufacturer Fulltone
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Fulltone OCD V2

The New Fulltone OCD V2
The OCD has received many slight tweaks over the last 12 years, often incorrectly identified as “version 2, Version 3, V4, etc.” In reality there has always been only one version…Version 1, with very slight variations after that making them V1.1 through V1.7. Today marks the release of a very new OCD, different enough that it warrants a V2 designation, an explanation and warrants a trip to your favorite dealer to give it another listen. Not a subtle change when turned on…not a subtle change when turned off (in E.B. mode).

Sonic changes to OCD V2

NEW FEATURE output buffer (when pedal is turned on in True-Bypass mode, or always when in Enhanced Bypass mode)) which eliminates it from being influenced be effects that came after it. Translation, your sound remains consistent regardless of placement in today’s more complex signal-chains, loopers, and pedalboards. This buffer also had a positive effect on the sound, it reduced loading on the pedal’s hard-clipping stage, allowing more sustain of both the sound and the overtones.

NEW FEATURE Class A configured discrete 2N5457 JFET input section, raising the input impedance to 1 mega ohms (previously 330K) and increasing the dynamics…resulting in significantly better interaction with both single coil and humbuckers.

NEW FEATURE Internal switch to choose between ”Enhanced Bypass TM” & True-Bypass, and with no popping sound in either mode. No other company offers EB…I invented it.

The stages added to the circuit changed the OCD, there’s no doubt, but it changed for the better. Words some people used to use to describe the OCD: “brash,”--“scooped sounding,”--“Bassy,”--“lacks sustain,”-- “too affected by other pedals”….NO LONGER APPLY.
  1. I wish I had bought one years ago Review by David

    I had pretty much given up on finding a compact overdrive pedal that I liked on the basis that nothing (excepting chunky pedals actually containing a valve) sounds as good as my Marshall, Orange or Laney overdriven so why settle for second best? Still hankering for a compact pedal to give me a little more flexibility I came to the OCD after trying far too many other pedals, I am glad I finally arrived. It does what I want - keeps my tone and dynamics intact whilst adding a useful range of drive with very little noise. Try one of these first before spending money on multiple lesser pedals and you may save yourself quite a bit of cash. It may not suit everyone, if you want your tone shaped and (usually) thinned) by an overdrive pedal then this may not be for you, however if you like the precious tone you have and want to add some dirt then try and OCD. Construction wise it is a little work of art. (Posted on 26/06/2012)

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