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Fender Groove Tube 5AR4/GZ34

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Fender Groove Tube 5AR4/GZ34
Fender Groove Tube 5AR4/GZ34 Fender Groove Tube 5AR4/GZ34

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Manufacturer Fender
Shipping Group No
Fender Groove Tube 5AR4/GZ34

Common to higher powered tube amps, like the later Fender Super Reverb amps and the Vox AC30 (or Matchless copies). It is the higher powered tube type rectifier in our marketplace. May be used to replace a 5U4 or 5Y3 and will give a faster more dynamic tonal result. This rectifier has a rise time from 300-400 volts that is about 1/2 that of a 5U4 so they are very nice in amps such as the Mesa Rectifier series which use the 5U4 if you want a feel and response that is tighter than the stock rectifiers yet retain the feel and compression character of a vacuum rectifier over the solid-state setting.

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