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Cusack Effects Scream Fuzz

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Cusack Scream Fuzz

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Manufacturer Cusack Effects
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The Cusack Scream is much like the innovative Cusack Screamer, but without the True Bypass Switch, battery, and in a smaller case. All the things we took out make it a better fit for pedal board builders! You may want to buy more than one to plug into your new Cusack Pedal Board Tamer.

The Cusack Scream is a モcleanヤ overdrive with about twice the gain of a typical tube screamer. It offers much more clarity than a typical overdrive. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be buried.

Like the Cusack Screamer V2 it has the Clip Selector, which allows you to select either the Standard, Crushed, or Asymmetrical LED clipping!

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