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Cusack Effects Pedal Board Tamer 9 Looper with Pop Stop

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Cusack, Pedal Board Tamer 9 Looper with Pop Stop

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Manufacturer Cusack Effects
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Cusack Pedal Tamer 9 Loop in a IRON Finish

The Pedal Board Tamer is a 9 Loop Programmable Pedal Looper. With so many useful standard features it is all you will need to Tame your

People love our Pedal Board Tamers. Sometimes we can’t keep them on the shelves. Still, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make our Pedal Board Tamer’s even better.

Introducing “Pop Stop.” It’s a new circuit added in conjunction with our relay circuits to effectively eliminate popping.

Cusack like relays, and you’ll notice we use them in almost all of our products. The 9-loop PBT actually uses over a dozen of them. Relays are so nice because they play a large role in preserving your tone. Unfortunately, like any mechanical switch, and depending on what other effects you have in your signal, a relay can make a noticeable sound when switching. Usually it’s not much, and often it’s not the relay’s fault, but in fact it’s the effect within the loop.

The Pop Stop works by fading your signal to ground briefly while the relay engages, and then fading the volume back up. It happens in a matter of milliseconds – so fast that you won’t hear it. An internal jumper on each loop allows you to determine where the Pop Stop is in the circuit, or you can pull the jumper to disable Pop Stop altogether. (Not that you’ll want to.)

Pedal Board!

Features include:
•NEW: “Pop Stop” circuit does exactly what its name says.
•2 Guitar inputs (Tip/Ring).
•Tuner Out with Mute. (Tuner always on option).
•Selectable Buffered / True Bypass Input.
•2 Selectable Buffered / True Bypass Outputs.
•Tap Switch with 3 Tap Tempo Outputs (RCA).
•6 or 9 Effect Loops Total, last 3 Loops are Stereo.
•All loops can be upgraded to stereo.
•9VDC input power.
•Mech Mode: acts like a Mechanical Looper Pedal.
•Preset Mode: 6 or 9 programmable Presets.
•Programmable by Footswitch without bending over!
•ALL OFF switch.

6 Loop Size: 17 1/2″W x 4-1/4″H x 1-3/4″D
9 Loop Size: 24″W x 4-1/4″H x 1-3/4″D

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