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CIOKS Power Supplies, DC10

Cioks power supplies are of a high end professional design and manufacture. The DC10 is really the flagship of a large range of power supplies on offer like the AC10, Cioks DC8, Cioks Schizophrenic and AC Rider to name a few. Whether you have a small effects pedal board rig or a demanding effects board that you will need a nuclear plant to power it...well the the CIOKS won't quite do that (working on it) but now with the recently added ultimate power supply called the CIOKS 'Ciokolate' you can power , Eventide, Digitech Whammy, Strymon, Line 6, and much more all from one power supply. Brackets are available for fitting the Cioks underneath the Pedal Train effects boards. The company CIOKS was founded in year 1991 and the first product out was the Baby power supply. It was released for sale in August 1992. To mark the 20 year anniversary of the company we’ve made the most powerful and versatile power supply for effect pedals on the market – CIOKS CIOKOLATE. With some additions and a slightly different design we’ve put the DC10 and AC10 power supplies in one box. Loads of power, almost endless compositions of different voltages and a great selection of included Flex cables make this power supply a really strong tool for powering big pedal boards with many different pedals. CIOKS CIOKOLATE power supply will power several high current digital pedals, high voltage 18, 24 or even 40V pedals, one or two AC pedals, one or two Radial Tonebone pedals or simulating a dying battery it will power your old favourite fuzz or overdrive. On top of that it will of course also power all your standard 9V pedals from its many isolated outlets.