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Hot Rox UK Blog

Hot Rox UK Blog

  • Cioks Adam Power Supply

    Power Supply
    Adam link is a small and very flat power supply for effect pedals with 4 isolated outlets. Being only 31mm high, it fits under the smallest Pedaltrain models PT-nano or PT-mini.It offers voltages 9 or 12V and a total output current of 700mA. The top two fixed 9V outlets will power any two Strymon or or other two medium current pedals. The bottom two outlets, configurable to either 9 or 12V, will power two or even more standard low current pedals when used with Split Flex or 3-way daisy chain. If needed, all 4 isolated outlets will give you 9V DC in the default position of the settings switch.

    Pedal board mounting
    Four threaded holes in the bottom of the power supply are positioned in a way to allow easy attaching of the unit to a pedal board. Especially with Pedaltrain boards both top and underneath mounting is possible using just two screws. All the needed parts are included. The only thing you have to do is to drill either two holes in the pedal board

    Mounting of CIOKS link range power supply to a Pedaltrain pedal board is a step-by-step do it yourself guide on how to attach a link range power supply underneath a Pedaltrain pedal board. In case you've misplaced the product sheet of your unit, which also functions as a drill template, please download the drill template as pdf file here.

  • CIOKS Power Supplies, DC10

    Cioks power supplies are of a high end professional design and manufacture. The DC10 is really the flagship of a large range of power supplies on offer like the AC10, Cioks DC8, Cioks Schizophrenic and AC Rider to name a few. Whether you have a small effects pedal board rig or a demanding effects board that you will need a nuclear plant to power it...well the the CIOKS won't quite do that (working on it) but now with the recently added ultimate power supply called the CIOKS 'Ciokolate' you can power , Eventide, Digitech Whammy, Strymon, Line 6, and much more all from one power supply. Brackets are available for fitting the Cioks underneath the Pedal Train effects boards. The company CIOKS was founded in year 1991 and the first product out was the Baby power supply. It was released for sale in August 1992. To mark the 20 year anniversary of the company we’ve made the most powerful and versatile power supply for effect pedals on the market – CIOKS CIOKOLATE. With some additions and a slightly different design we’ve put the DC10 and AC10 power supplies in one box. Loads of power, almost endless compositions of different voltages and a great selection of included Flex cables make this power supply a really strong tool for powering big pedal boards with many different pedals. CIOKS CIOKOLATE power supply will power several high current digital pedals, high voltage 18, 24 or even 40V pedals, one or two AC pedals, one or two Radial Tonebone pedals or simulating a dying battery it will power your old favourite fuzz or overdrive. On top of that it will of course also power all your standard 9V pedals from its many isolated outlets.

  • Top 5 Effects Pedals by Hot Rox

    With such a large range of Effects Pedals, how do we choose a "Top 5"?
    Well it not easy, but these are 5 of our current favourites.

    1. Our favourite Overdrive Pedal: Fulltone - Plimsoul (Overdrive/Distortion)

    Fulltone Plimsoul Overdrive / DistortionIt has a rich creamy sustain. There is no bad setting on the plimsol. Even when backed off, it will just sing. A classic old school tone with good sustain. If you don't know which pedal to buy first, try this pedal.  It will blow you away!
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    2. Top Pick: Wampler - Triple Wreck (Distortion)

    Wampler Triple Wreck DistortionPut it thougrh a 1x12 cab, it gives so much bottom end it sounds like a 4x12 cab.It can give similar gain tones to a meta Boogie rectifier or a Soldano head. We say: Great for high gain.
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    3. Wampler - Ecstasy (overdrive)

    Wampler Ecstasy OverdriveA pedal that would go from clean tones to distorted tones while adding a bit of warmth - smooth creaminess yet crunchy when you need it to be! NOTE: The newest version is the same as the bigger box (older) version in a few of the videos on youtube, it is just in a smaller box.
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    4. Wampler - Paisley (overdrive)

    Wampler The Paisley DriveClean and yet get nice and crunchy with a bit of 'beef' to it  yet a fluid tone when soloing- LOVES strats and humbuckers as well,
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    5. Wampler - Pinnicle 2 (distortion)

    Wampler Pinnacle 2 Distortion"This pedal NAILS it better than anything I've ever heard or played." -Zeke Clark, former tech for Eddie Van Halen! Need extreme gain, sometimes you need mild overdrive...this pedal does that  all with the turn of 2 knobs.
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    But what do you rate and use? Give us the low down on your favourite effects pedal...

  • Win a signed Van Halen wah pedal

    Create a slogan for Hot Rox and be in with a chance to win a signed Van Halen wah pedal.

    Our favourite slogan wins the pedal.  Competition ends 29th June 2012.

    Enter on Facebook now!

    Signed Van Halen wah Pedal competition - Enter on Facebook

    Check out more Effects Pedals by Jim Dunlop

  • van Halen Competition - coming soon!

    Signed van Halen wah competition coming soon.

    Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for further announcements.

  • Competition: Win a CooperSonic Dirt Box Pedal!

    Nottingham (UK) based Boutique Pedal manufacturer Coopersonic are offering the DIRT BOX to the winner of our competition at the end of next week.

    To be in with a chance, click the image below to visit the HotRox UK Facebook page and name 3 players using CooperSonic effects!

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